Holmatro hydraulic tools


Holmatro and its high pressure hydraulic tools and equipment have been represented in the shipbuilding industry ever since 1967. Next to the division focusing on the shipbuilding industry, two new divisions have been created over the years: a division concentrating on the production of rescue equipment for fire brigades, armies and air forces, police forces and rescue teams and an industrial division, specialised in mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic tools and equipment for industrial applications requiring precision force.

The hydraulic cutter tools play an important role in this. The tools are used for disassembling cars and white goods and for removing electrical wiring and cables.  Laco offers a large selection of the Holmatro industrial hydraulic tools for purchase or hire.  

Product group overview

Holmatro tools at Laco

Holmatro hydraulic tools available at Laco:

• Hydraulic shears, stationary and mobile
Hydraulic pumps
Hydraulic pumps
• Hydraulic tools: nut splitters, cutters, wedges and pullers
Mechanical jacks, lifting bags, welding fumes exhaust systems and pipe sealers

Laco does not only have a large selection of Holmatro tools, but can also guarantee a quick and specialised service.

Choosing the right Holmatro tool

Are you considering of purchasing or hiring a Holmatro hydraulic tool? Then pick the combination you need with the help of a specialised Laco advisor.  He or she will be able to give you helpful advice: even difficult questions will be answered. We can guarantee that you will always get the best solution that fits your needs.

Laco is able to flexibly and adequately respond to your needs and questions.         

Information and contact

Laco’s advisers are specialists who will gladly look in-depth at the applications you wish to use your tools for and provide you with tailored advice. Other forms of service such as maintenance (also onsite), calibration and even the in-house manufacture of parts and tools to specification form a part of Laco’s services. .

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