Plarad torque multipliers


Plarad torque multipliers are used to apply the desired torque on bolted connections with sheer manual power, without requiring any long levers.  Plarad torque multipliers are therefore ideal for jobs without an external power source.

The advantage of the Plarad torque multipliers is that they can generate much higher torques than would be possible without the planetary technique. The precision of the transmission of the built-up torque ensures that the bolts and nuts are correctly tightened and remain undamaged.

All Plarad torque multipliers are equipped with a shear pin to prevent overburdening.

You can purchase or hire Plarad torque multipliers at Laco.  

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Choosing a Plarad torque multiplier

Would you like to purchase or hire a torque multiplier? Please ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He can help you make the right choice and will advise you on how to use the tool. Laco does not only have the best torque tools, it moreover provides professional advice and a fine service.    

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Which Plarad torque multipliers can you find at Laco?

XVK - Torque multipliers small sizes (only 17 cm high) with a capacity from 220 to 1700 Nm.

XVR – Plarad torque multipliers with a safety reverse stop (reaction force), capacities from 440 to 8600 Nm.

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Laco’s advisers are specialists who will gladly look in-depth at the applications you wish to use your tools for and provide you with tailored advice. Other forms of service such as maintenance (also onsite), calibration and even the in-house manufacture of parts and tools to specification form a part of Laco’s services. .

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